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Mars laughed bitterly. It was a pity that he could not represent Arbiter, and could only be this battle’s supporting role. This meant that within Arbiter, the Borah faction had already gained the upper hand. From Mars’ view, this would drag Arbiter into a spiral of war. There was no wrong in chasing after great ambitions, but war was not something that every country could stand, especially since such extremist thoughts could bring about world wars. Of course, from a smaller perspective, when the Borah family took control, they would either concede or be cleaned off, with the latter having a greater possibility. At the very least, they would not be a radical group anymore.


Both mecha simultaneously activated their light speed, zooming around like two rays of light. It would be an exaggeration to say that it was light, but the speed of these mecha were incomparable to anything that was available in the market right now. Even with Ability X as a guide, it would still require the mech’s own special composite physics to work. Otherwise, if the speed was too fast, it would be an issue too.


All those who were familiar with the Dynasty battle team were shocked. If the captain were to go up at this moment, it would just end. If they lost, they would at least lose decently. In the end, they had sent out a substitute to go against Asura’s captain. The idiom “accepting one’s loss in order to secure two wins” was not to be used like this.


These three words carried the weight of a thousand pounds. The road to the King of Manalasuo ended abruptly. All the members of the Manalasuo team could not accept what had happened. One member suddenly collapsed and burst into tears.


Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What do you take me for? Some playboy? I just wanted the opportunity to raise the proposal. This project is good. If they’re interested, good. If they’re not, well, I tried. I can’t just pass up on such an opportunity just to save my face.”


It was totally useless for Mu Zhen to even think of using the power of the wood attribute in this space. Once such power had been isolated, the super armour could no longer display its agility. Depending solely on physical techniques?

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Di Maria felt as if he was eating sh*t. It was not just about Luo Fei’s ability, but also his own judgement abilities. He had always felt that Lin Feng and he were not that far off and both were aristocrats. Based on what grounds was Lin Feng so highly valued?


The purging power was finally suppressed. The power that was unable to expand shot straight into the sky.


After the surging, golden power thrusted into the runes of the Rune Warrior, a great deal more power spread out.


A trace of a smile appeared on Achilles face. His vision was getting blurry. He did not know when Wang Zheng had exerted such influence on him that he would try such stupid stuff. He did not know when he started considering himself a member of Saruman Snake. He also did not know when he wanted to take on some responsibilities.


This was where Achilles could not compare with Zhang Shan. Zhang Shan was not concerned about Saruman Snake or any other things. His thinking was very simple: he was doing this for his comrade!


Lear wanted to see what else Wang Zheng had prepared. Wang Zheng was definitely good at using the blade, and even in warping space. But Qiankun Zadeh’s move did not allow him to exercise his potential at all.


However, the third layer of the energy protection wall finally blocked the onslaught of the energy waves. With nowhere to release, part of the energy shot to the sky, while the rest bounced back. The inside of the arena was like an energy hell.



No one spoke not because they were timid, but because none of them had the confidence. Who dared to say that they could definitely win against a member of the Soulless battle team?



Their eyes locked. Then they both broke into a smile. Bolet had an even clearer judgement in his heart. I heard that Wang Zheng and Tita Star have a very special relationship. Is this just a runout?


Wang Zheng was appearing now. There was a kind of person who would attract the attention of everyone when they appeared. For a long time, no matter where they go, Aslan had always been the main lead, but suddenly, they had become the supporting cast instead.


Jondi Lilick was stunned for a moment. A smile broke on his face. He wanted to join this team as well.

  • It had the same effect as the wave-type, but at a much higher level of difficulty, and the technique was more exquisite. Furthermore, the explosive power of the final counterattack was incredible.
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