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Saying so, Wang Zheng leaned on the tree and shut his eyes. He widened his perimeter. They had all retreated. Of course, he did not think that these people would just vanish like that, just that they were changing tactics.


No, this was business. Even though Laurel had exerted her influence, he still had to hold leadership. Otherwise, everything that happened before would slip away. And now Yan Xiaosu understood the meaning of compromising.


Aslan’s Lin Feng, Soulless’ Aragorn, Atlantis’ Dina Atlas and Maya’s Matt Locatelli. These four all held skills not inferior to his, and not to mention their teams’ capabilities. Wang Zheng could feel it. If there were no attacks from other factors, Wang Zheng believed that he himself would be victorious. He had high confidence in that at the very least. But this was SG, where there were too many external factors. If he wanted to triumph over them, he would need to become stronger himself, just a bit more!


The Phantom King from the Atlantis had only that few maneuvers. To remain steadfast in the face of change. As long as the Arbiters were able to seize an opportunity, it would be a fight to the death.


Wang Zheng had already returned to his team and training. He had used the space box before, but that was during the testing phase. And now it had been refined.


Atlanteans were not as passionate as humans about marital affairs. Much was decided by their god, and they believed in fate. But for the country, Atlanteans did not mind marriage, especially a perfect being like Her Highness Aina. Even the Atlantean nobility accorded them respect. After all, Her Highness was chosen by the gods.

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“Wang Zheng has said so as well. Don’t get ahead of yourselves. If there is danger, surrender. The mountain is green, and firewood aplenty,” Achilles quoted. Some things still had to be said. They really had to keep their heads down now. They would receive no mercy.


Lear was definitely heading into Ai Zhengyang’s Zero Degrees World. Either they freeze together or they finish their opponent.


Everyone held a breath when using continuous attacks. This breath could be used up. If it was mecha, the gap was very small, because of the delay in mecha movement. To exploit this gap was very difficult. But this was different for close combat. Fists connected instantly.


Wang Zheng applauded enthusiastically as well. He understood the difficulty of it all. He had not expected Snow Li to have progressed this far. He originally thought that her Revert technique could make a breakthrough, but it was the transformation of her Ability X instead.


“Brother Yan, who is the boss’ opponent? Defeat them and win the championship!” said Jasper laughingly. He was in a really good mood.


The same attribute, and complete dominance, was the reason why Lin Feng had sent Eve Litt to battle. Everyone knew that Lie Xins flame level was higher, but what a pity, levels did not determine everything there needed to be a certain quantity.


Among the generals, many had already turned political. But Bolet was different. He was still fascinated by the ability and details of battle.



It was clear that an individuals pride for their country was important. However, judging by the votes from the Aslan Empire, 89% of the voters supported the Sword Shield Rose battle team. This was unprecedented as it was the first time that the votes supporting them did not go past 90%, with a tenth of their students supporting this Earthling called Wang Zheng.



Jondi Lilick sat on the bench, holding his head in his hands. He did not know how to deal with all this – the hope of the nation, the hope of his teammates… all hope was lost.


The Mayans and Astina Federation were the same – they were traditional old power countries, and their capabilities were not that far apart. The Atomic battle team also had two Earth-rank warriors. Although taking first place might be a stretch, they were publicly acknowledged as a team with the ability to enter the top eight.


Three seconds later, the entire arena rang with earth-shattering cheers. This was no longer about nationality, this was a tribute to two great warriors!

  • Arbiters super mech. It was known to be difficult to operate. It was an all-terrain mech, and it had transformation capabilities. It was called the Land Overlords mech. After the birth of this mech, it was shelved due to the difficulties of operating it and the load. However, some super warriors still liked to use it to train their control and reaction skills. This was also the first time the Hunting Demons mech had appeared in a major competition.
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